The ZOA Coalition's Vital Work at the World Zionist Congress

Please join with us!  The ZOA Coalition of 27 of the strongest pro-Israel groups is leading the battle to protect the Jewish people through the World Zionist Congress (WZC) – the parliament of world Jewry.  Indeed, every single pro-Israel resolution and program at the most recent World Zionist Congress was initiated by the ZOA Coalition.  

Your vote for the ZOA Coalition will help us fight to assure that Israel’s national institutions under the WZC umbrella will focus their significant resources ($1 billion year) on assuring the Jewish people’s rights to our land; combatting antisemitism and BDS; rescuing endangered Jews throughout the world; providing positive Jewish and Zionist education, promoting love for Torah, tradition and all our people; and assuring all our people’s safety.

Our opposition openly says that they are running to “divert” Israeli national institutional funds “away from” the 750,000 Jews living in in Jerusalem and Judea-Samaria communities.  They blocked our resolution for an emergency program for endangered French Jews, and tried to pass a resolution falsely labeling Israelis as “institutionally racist.”   

To protect the World Zionist Congress, Israel, and the Jewish people, vote for the ZOA Coalition – Slate # 11

How Can I Help?

WZC Elections are open from January 21-March 11. Helping ZOA Coalition and the future of our people is easy and will take less than 5 minutes. You are eligible to vote if: You are a US resident, you will be at least age 18 on June 30, 2020,  you self-identify as Jewish, and you won’t vote in the March 2020 Knesset election. 

What Does ZOA Coaliltion Support?

Promote Jewish Safety Worldwide

ZOA Coalition led the protest at NY City Hall, demanding real action to stop attacks on Jews. No other slate appeared. Other slates even said that protesting anti-Jewish violence was “not their mission.” “Americans Against Antisemitism” is part of ZOA Coalition. ZOA Coalition is also the ONLY American slate that voted to declare that anti-Zionism is a manifestation of anti-Semitism. We will keep fighting against Jew-hatred and violence, wherever it occurs.

Say “No” to an Iranian-proxy Palestinian-Arab terror state!

ZOA Coalition urges facing reality: Iran, its proxy terror-groups and the Palestinian Authority openly seek to destroy Israel and murder Jews. We cannot give more rocket-launching areas to terrorists. ZOA Coalition will keep fighting against establishing an Iranian-proxy Hamas-Fatah Palestinian-Arab terror state!

Defend & Strengthen Israel

One of the main pillars of the ZOA Coalition is to defend, strengthen, and assert the Jewish people's right to the Land of Israel. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, “ZOA is a bulwark in the defense of Israel.”

Promote Positive Jewish and Zionist Education

ZOA Coalition promotes positive Zionist and Jewish education. ZOA Coalition is working to assure that WZO programs show the beauty of Israeli society, defend Israel’s and the Jewish people’s rights, support Israel’s vital security measures, and respect religious Jews and traditions – and all Jews. We’re fighting to end harmful anti-Israel, anti-security, anti-religious WZO programs initiated by the American Leftwing.

Combat Global & Campus Antisemitism & BDS

ZOA Coalition initiated and obtained passage of WZC’s anti-BDS policy (which includes stopping BDS against Jews in Judea-Samaria) and positive "Buy Israeli" program. ZOA Coalition continues to lead a multi-pronged battle to combat BDS on campus, in legislatures, corporations and elsewhere.

One Jerusalem, Under Israeli Sovereignty

ZOA Coalition led the 23-year battle to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. We are now leading the battle to defend united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, and assert the Jewish people's rights to our land!

Rescue Jews Endangered by Global Antisemitism

ZOA Coalition initiated and obtained passage of the resolution for Israel’s national institutions to give highest funding priority to rescuing and bringing Jews to Israel who are in grave danger from rising global antisemitism. ZOA continues to prioritize saving Jewish lives!

Promote Love & Respect for Jewish Tradition

ZOA Coalition promotes love and respect for Jewish tradition, Torah, and all our people. Vote for the ZOA Coalition to promote the bedrocks that sustain, unite & strengthen the whole Jewish people!

Assert Our Rights to Judea and Samaria

ZOA Coalition continues to promote the Jewish people’s right to live in Judea-Samaria, and to educate that these historic Jewish areas are designated for the Jewish homeland under international law.

Who Supports The ZOA Coalition?

Who Is The ZOA Coalition?

The ZOA Coalition consists of 27 of the strongest Zionist & Jewish activist organizations in the United States, who are leading the battle to defend Israel and the Jewish people, including:

Who Are The ZOA Coalition Delegate Candidates?